water features

Designer Aquarium India Pvt Ltd is the most experienced provider of water features. With stunning designs utilizing Acrylic, specialty glass, metals, stone, tile, slate, granite, and any other material you envision we will create a custom water wall feature that will be the focal point of any environment. Have you considered adding a custom water feature to your business? There are many reasons to consider water feature as part of your indoor or outdoor business décor. Commercial water feature, even designed with your business logo, can be affordable for even the small business owner. So, why should you consider owning a feature? Here are some of the benefits water feature bring to your business

  • They create instant art
  • Their soothing sound eases stress
  • They offer additional signage
  • The are natural humidifiers – making your office air healthier
  • They add instant elegance

Adding a water feature to your business is a great investment in the beauty and elegance of your space and a great way to improve the health of your employees and clients. Your space will be memorable to all who visit and your clients will be eager to return.Water feature that are installed on the wall, eliminate the need for floor space to support the fountain. Wall feature come in many styles and sizes, including logo water feature. These water wall are great for small spaces and are a wonderful way to add extra signage to your business. Even the smallest office space has room for a water wall.

Their use within water features adds a smooth, sleek dimension perfect for modern homes, contemporary backyards and anyone looking to inject some "wow!" factor into their space. When combined with directional lighting and a vibrant feature wall the result is truly inspiring.