commercial exhibits

Our prime focus is to design aquariums in public spaces such as museums, zoo, malls, restaurants etc. Our expert professionals create stunning and beautiful aquariums at your business or office building. We are efficient in doing “Design Build” projects as well as executive projects. We hold specialization in housing a huge commercial exhibit which reflects your preferences. Our experts at Designer Aquarium India Pvt. Ltd. have successfully completed many large scale projects in a prompt manner.

We possess expertize in offering underwater viewing panels and exhibit waterproofing. Our varied range of distinctive “trades” have acquired attention along with a response time and our matchless services have gained Aquarium India’s Commercial Exhibits sector which is a remarkable place in the industry. Based on the needs of a local or congenital nature, we offer onsite poly tech molding of natural rocks and plants to design your exhibits as sensible as possible.

  • Concept based design - includes estimation of budget and bubble diagram
  • We offer exquisite array of different species of fish.
  • Clients glass viewing panels - tempered, laminated, low iron or anti - reflective.