aquarium maintenance

The art of fish keeping lies in their maintenance and service. Proper care and consistent cleaning will prevent the fish from diseases and feeble environment for it to be alive. We, render our services for maintenance of aquarium cauldrons and fishes on contract basis and the charges vary on the services we undertake. We also offer a service plan for your aquarium according to your schedule and requirements.

This helps us to examine your aquatic species, antecedent to their inception into their new environment. The result is a significantly greater survival rate. Our aquarium maintenance services include the following :

  • Refill Automatic Feeders
  • Bi-Weekly Services
  • Weekly Aquarium Services
  • Tank Moving
  • Rebuilding Reefs
  • Replacing Air Stones
  • Weekly Aquarium Services
  • Restorations
  • Restocking With Animals
  • Changing Aquarium Decor, etc.